MILICA GRUBAN – Co-Founder of Formvision Luxury

Milica Gruban leads both luxury and affordable projects.She completed her studies at The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad with a grade average of 9.38, after which she completed her master’s studies with a grade average of 10.00.

As an exchange student, she learned a lot about Spanish architecture and ways to incorporate its principles into her work.

Her work technique is making sure that she’s looking after the project from the urbanistic start, leading to the architectural design and finally the fine set up of the interior.

“Luxury architecture provides the feeling of nobility and power, enabling our senses to be filled with the beauty of our surroundings. Everyone should have access to quality architecture, and that’s the reason we decided to open a new firm. Vision M will enable the luxury of a comfortable lifestyle on a budget, making dreams come true.”