To create something new, to create a form based on a vision, that is our basic idea. To show up new ways and create a new form together with you, that is what we do.

We offer you different approaches and in collaboration with you we work on the implementation of your product. We help to transform your 2-dimensional sketch into a 3-dimensional model.

Our modelers are sharing wide-ranging experiences. As software we use DASSAULT ICEM SURF and AUTODESK ALIAS.



Because of our wide range of experiences in automotive design we are able to support you from your first design idea to a 3-dimensional surface model.


By transforming your 2-dimensional sketch to a CAS-model we attach great importance to a good communication between design and construction.


Our competent team, consisting of ICEM SURF and AUTODESK ALIAS modelers, would be pleased to support you in your designing stage and beyond.