Cube house is a modern villa of functionality reflected in the interior interchangable between the floors, flexibility, and simple cubic shapes intertwined with the luxurius essence of Fielitz’s custom pannels, lacelike shades and sophisticated artworks from Danijela Gruban’s Entropy Collection. To achieve such a harmonious relationship between modern geometry and luxury at the highest level, we collaborated with COVET GROUP and Colección Alexandra, adorning the rooms with their furniture pieces of prime aesthetics. Cubehouse is the first in the line of new Formvision houses of stable form and flexible function, mixed with timeless design that puts customer experience at the forefront.


According to our Head Architect, Milica Gruban, Building International is planned in reference to the contemporary buildings of the 21st century, finished with world-class interiors, representing many of the most famous European cities and bringing Europe to Africa by using solely European materials as well as having themed spaces.


The Head Luxury Architect and Co-founder of the Luxury Department of Formvision, Milica Gruban, found inspiration for The Moscow Flat in neoclassicism, adapting it to the flexible style Formivison’s projects hold and adding modern details, exuding luxury at the highest level.