Cube house is a modern villa of functionality reflected in the interior interchangable between the floors, flexibility, and simple cubic shapes intertwined with the luxurius essence of Fielitz’s custom pannels, lacelike shades and sophisticated artworks from Danijela Gruban’s Entropy Collection. To achieve such a harmonious relationship between modern geometry and luxury at the highest level, we collaborated with COVET GROUP and Colección Alexandra, adorning the rooms with their furniture pieces of prime aesthetics. Cubehouse is the first in the line of new Formvision houses of stable form and flexible function, mixed with timeless design that puts customer experience at the forefront.

According to our head of the VR-architecture department Milica Gruban, Building International is planned in reference to the contemporary buildings of the 21st century, finished with world-class interiors, representing many of the most famous European cities and bringing Europe to Africa by using solely European materials as well as having themed spaces.


Milica Gruban found inspiration for The Moscow Flat in neoclassicism, adapting it to the flexible style Formvision’s projects hold and adding modern details, exuding luxury at the highest level.


The Saint-Tropez flat carries its name rightfully, being named after a once humble fishing village, turned into the most prestigious resort town of Southern France. The idea of something so simple being turned into a luxurious place of living was the motive behind creating the Saint-Tropez flat. This project proves that a living space can exude both comfort and luxury no matter the size, throwing light at the importance of quality space resolutions.


Our head of the VR-architecture department Milica Gruban says that the Principality of Monaco’s charm lies in luxury, hence the golden, light and white interior of The Monaco Flat. We took inspiration from Monaco’s racetrack and incorporated a bespoke Symphony kitchen with polished materials and automotive lines.


The idea behind this flat isn’t just about incorporating architectural elements and patterns of the Islamic culture but uniting it with the values of Morocco, encapsulating its spirit. The Marrakesh Flat is made for pleasure and soaking in the warmth of the atmosphere. For Milica Gruban it’s all about rituals- the ritual of sauna, of massage, cooking tasty food, as well as the habit of reading books.


The Athens Flat was inspired by Greek culture, enliving the classical values of the antic times and showing the rich  European history. It’s simple and warm, carrying the relaxing atmosphere of Greece.


The sleek look of automotive lines, combined with the ambient created by stone-like furniture pieces and the attention to music, creates an unshakable influence of the bold masculine energy in The Vienna Flat created by Milica Gruban.
The essence of The Vienna Flat puts into harmony the musical, aesthetical, and practical elements, forming into a perfectly orchestrated unity of pleasures to the senses.


The Stockholm Flat is made according to the Scandinavian minimalism. With this design Milica Gruban shows that an architecturally well-defined space can be enriched with any style from the Covet Group’s furniture collections. The clear lines of the space make the fine pieces stand out, adding a note of luxury just like fine jewelry by adorning the room with its presence.


The Zurich Flat is accommodated for the snowy days, being set in the beautiful country of Switzerland, surrounded by pine trees, mountains, and wrapped in a cold climate. The head of the VR-architecture department, Milica Gruban, rooted its luxury in the values that simplicity brings to us, and the celebration of small, everyday moments like those in our family home. The harmony achieved in the design is the reflection of the residents’ inner peace.